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Água Viva Cultura e Sustentabilidade

Welcome to Água Viva Culture and Sustainability

About Us

Água Viva Culture and Sustainability

ÁGUA VIVA CULTURA E SUSTENTABILIDADE LTDA is a cultural producer specializing in artistic, educational and socio-environmental projects. Founded by artistsEdward Columbus It isVictor Kinjo, develops research, creation, production, innovation and artistic dissemination between music, theater, dance, visual arts, audiovisual, cultural management, games and expanded reality technologies.

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Ours Projects

Our Production Company is committed to innovative initiatives that combine culture and sustainability to promote positive impact. Explore our current and past projects, highlighting efforts for environmental preservation, social inclusion and promotion of local culture.


Each project reflects our commitment to building a more sustainable and culturally enriching future. Join us on this journey

Ours differences

Environmental Commitment

We highlight projects that aim to preserve the environment and promote sustainable practices.

Cultural Innovation

Our cultural initiatives seek innovation, connecting tradition and modernity to enrich the community.

Positive Social Impact

We commit to creating projects that have a significant impact on society, promoting inclusion and equality.

Community Involvement

We value community participation in all phases of projects, promoting a collaborative and inclusive approach.

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